Promoting An Appropriate Organization Culture

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Promoting An Appropriate Organization Culture
The effectiveness of an organization is also influenced by the organization culture, which affects the way the managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and out. Illustrations of organization.culture are given in' Table 10-1. Given the choice, most people would probably prefer to work in an organization with an environment such as B, in which one can participate in the decision-making process, one is evaluated on the organization is influent by the organization basis of performance criteria rather than on the basis of friendship, one has open culture communication channels in all directions, and one has the opportunity to exercise a great deal of self-control. In their search for excellent companies, Thomas Peters and Robert Waterman, the authors of a best-selling book on management, found that the dominance oi a coherent culture characterized these organizations.3 But the recognition of the importance of corporate culture is not new at all (although some managemen gurus want you to believe it is); Over 2,000 years ago, in 431 B.C., Pericles in ancient Greece eloquentl; urged the Athenians, who were at war with the Spartans, to adhere to values such as those inherent democracy, informality in communication, the .importance of individual dignity, and promotion based or performance. Pericles realized that the underlying values might mean victory or defeat. These values arnot so different from those espoused by many U.S. companies.
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